To be European by studying and respecting our natural and cultural environment, our similarities and differences in order to understand our place in the world, to embellish the Earth, which is our life

Let’s discover our European natural and cultural environment on a regional and national level, our resemblances and differences. This work in common leads us to feel European and to discover our place and part in the world. Thus we realise our life is linked to the Earth.


WHAT does it mean to be European

Posted by: victoria voicu

WHAT does it mean to be European

 And here it happened: from 1 January 2007, Romania is a member of the European Union!  But Romanians are indeed citizens of the Union, joined with the true values of the European Union? Romanians are ready to implement these values into social and professional life? . I am not easy to give an answer because we are already Europeans: it is a natural state, you do not feel the need to define.

And to answer that question, I will choose a set of values to define the concept of citizen european.Cu other words, a means to share European values europene.Care are these values? Who and when they invented?

M themselves and our values?

 A first European value is peace, a clear and palpabilă.O other value as a product of the first is security and aplicarea concretă a unei alte valori europene :solidaritatea . Solidarity who are more who are less fortunate of the most solidarity with the less şanse.Sa.

Another value, which will hold mostly, youngsters, is freedom: freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom to study and work in any place of the Europe.

And if you want to see how the Europeans are already, we propose as a test as a paraphrase, of Ten Commandments of the European Union'', as it would detach themselves from a close reading of the Constitution:  

 1., Be truly democratic and respects human rights and the law above all''

 2., Respects and uses the four freedoms of movement (for goods, services, capital, labor).''

'' 3., Be jointly with other people from other regions or other countries.''

4., Respect the environment in which to live and be sure you leave a clean planet to future generations. "

 5.,, Rejects nationalism and respects the identity of several people: regional, national, continental,''planet.

6., Encourages decentralization at several levels and involve up to your level.!''

7., Supports pluralistic multicultural society, learn from others!''

 8., Cooperate with others for the good of all.'' 

 9., Not threaten and do not use force against others for a cause unfair.''

10., "Be open to accept them and integrate them joining the other of the above!''


Prof. Victoria Voicu