To be European by studying and respecting our natural and cultural environment, our similarities and differences in order to understand our place in the world, to embellish the Earth, which is our life

Let’s discover our European natural and cultural environment on a regional and national level, our resemblances and differences. This work in common leads us to feel European and to discover our place and part in the world. Thus we realise our life is linked to the Earth.



Posted by: Mariyana Krachunova

Much can be said about our architecture from the Renaissance Period, however, what is most important is that it has always played an immense role in the way of life of the old Bulgarian people. In fact, many old Bulgarian villages have been preserved and still exist, with their unique atmosphere and architecture.  In the drawings you will also notice the presence of a mountain, forest or a river in the background, as nature was equally important for our people at that time... but let's finally get to the drawings themselves!