"Christmas Time"

"Christmas Time" is open to all who wish to share with us their traditions and celebrations associated with Christmas and prepare for them. We will also send each other Christmas cards, recipes, text carols. We invite you to cooperate!


Merry Christmas

Posted by: Katarzyna Kwiatek-Grabarska
I wish you much helath, happiness, many presents, nice atmosphere with your family and great New Year's Eve.
Justi, Poland
The day before Christmas Eve we decorate Christmas Tree. On the Christmas Tree we hang balls, chains and coloured lights.
We spend Christmas Eve with the family. On Christmas Eve we always go to church at 6.00 pm. In church we have special mass. After that we go home. At home we have special supper. At the begining we share bread and sing Christmas carols. Next, we eat supper. For supper we eat borsch, carp, ravioli, hot-potch, and we drink dry stewe fruit. After that we get a lot of presents. Next day we spend at home with our family. We eat special breakfast, dinner and supper.