Interesting traditions

Each country presents different traditions. Each country celebrates particular events that are unknown in other countries. So if those events are that exciting why shouldn’t peoples around us find out about them? In Romania on the 1st of March girls and women are offered “mărţişoare”. What is a “mărţişor” ? If you want to find out contact me !


Mother's Day

Posted by: Barbara Pasiuk

 Mother's Day is celebrated on May 26th in Poland. We have organized Family
Days in our kindergarten this year ( Father's Day is celebrated on June 23rd
in Poland. Then, most of children are on holidays. That's why we have
arranged Family Days in May).
This year we have invited parents to the kindergarten on May 29th. Children
have presented  songs, poems, dance routines and different performances.
Besides, children gave their parents presents: flowers to mothers and vases for
the flowers to fathers ( they were made from yoghurt bottles).

Barbara - Poland