Students elaborate materials about aspects of their home country and they are received and analysed by the other partner schools. Topics might be: our country, ourselves, culture, etc.


Spanish opinion about Hungarian and Lithuanian presentations

Posted by: Ana Arias Castro

Hi to all of you

Yesterday we had a look at the presentations we received from both Hungary and Lithuania in class. They were very good and we had a great ime.

The Presentation about food in Hungary was good and we more or less have an idea now what they eat. It's a pity we don't have the same ingredients here to try some of their recipes.

The presentation from Lithuania was excellent in our opinion. The texts were great: small and easy to read but telling us the main aspects of their village and region. Congratulations!!! It's a pity your town...


Lithuania's oppinion about Poland's presentations

Posted by: Neringa Lemežienė

We have had a pleasure to watch the prepared presentation about Dublin and its surroundings. we were pleased to get acquaited to our neighbours and their beautiful sites. The boys looked at different types of aeroplanes and the ways of free time activities with pleasure. they wish not only they had a chance to have a look at them in reality but also they could be members of the Eagles air club. The girls were fond of the castles and the gardens around them, they are so attractive and beautiful that they are really worth seeing.  I personally would be...