Students elaborate materials about aspects of their home country and they are received and analysed by the other partner schools. Topics might be: our country, ourselves, culture, etc.


Lithuanian opinion on the presentations of Spain

Posted by: Neringa Lemežienė

My students have been eagerly waiting for any news from any country from the beginning of our project. As soon as we found the first presentations from Spain, it was the last school day before Christmas, we looked them through with great interest.

To tell the truth, my students and me personally were gasping in amazement while watching the photos and reading the description about your school, living spot as well as Spanish festivals. Your surroundings are different from ours in Lithuania as you have beautiful view of the ocean, I guess, colourful modern ancient buildings. the Roman wall seems a part of your history you...


New presentations from Poland and Hungary

Posted by: Ana Arias Castro

Last Wednesday we had a lesson devoted to all the presentations we had received from Hungary and Poland. It was great. My pupils were finally seeing something from their partners abroad.

We loved the one about Deblin in Poland; it must be a great place to visit. The presentation about their legends was a lot more difficult because we just had 50 minutes to have a look at them all so we just browsed through it. I promised to give the kids a printed version so that they could read it properly. Anyway the one about Deblin was great. The...