Jaś and Małgosia get to know Europe

The project introduces the participants to school and family life. The main aim is to get to know the culture, traditions and interesting places of our European neighbours. Students will improve English and computers technology. Next, they will learn how to create presentations and online pages, use blogs and log into the system. Finally, students create the guide to their city and region (Polish- “Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska). The proiect start 15 December 2008, finis 15 Jun 2009.



Posted by: Olga Pierwocha

Poulish Group.

Task 1.

Patrycja 13 I am a girl.
I%u2019m Patrycja and I come from Poland.
I live in Zawiercie. I have got long, brown hair
and green eyes. I like listening to music. Everyday I watch romantic
comedies. patusia12666@gmail.pl Greece
Izabela  12 I am a girl.
My name is Izabela. I am tall girl. My hair is dark blond. My eyes are
green. My hobby is buying ear-rings. Izabelka_pacia@o2.pl Greece
Roksana 12 I am a girl.
My name is Roksana. I%u2019m 12. I have got dark brown hair and dark brown