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Year and traditions.

Exhibition of various traditions connected with the times of the year in the connection with astronomical and natural knowledge. We could also create plastic and musical albums connected with the subject.



Posted by: María Fernández de Amo


After some weeks of hard work, we are starting to produce some results. I want to thank the students who are working hard and partners for their patience. For some weeks Etwinning has been a "pain in the neck" for the many breakdowns it suffers, but we are beginning to see it is worth trying to cope with difficulties.

Maybe, the project will have to extend a bit for the technical inconveniences, but I hope we will manage to survive.

Our next inmediate task is to send a Xmas box to our partners. I hope we all get surprieses before the Xmas break.

I'll come back soon.





Posted by: Stanisława Balonek (Poland)

Maria, greet on TwinBlog. I am pleased very much to are with us!
So, then already the December.
Christmas more and more near.
Holy Nicolaus just several days ago visited our school. He brought presents.
We prepare presents for our partners now.

For us the period of the strenuous work. We want our friends to send small gifts in various countries. We are careful, that these will cause the the most joy samodzielnie by us executed.
The Youth Akademia of the art works at our high school. We made numerous decorations Christmas within the of occupations. Tomorrow we send them to our partners. I will impale mums, that they will cause them the joy.


I am pleased from commitment of my students very much. All of them are present on TwinSpace. They take the voice on the forum, they exchange the e-mail from przyjaciólmi from different countries.
Some are really very active.
This is the graph which represents the quantity to enter the participants of the project on the platform TwinSpace till the day 10-XII-2008.


Almost all students executed the introduction. They appeared their partners. They introduced their locality and region in which they live.
They already executed first tasks.

Astronomers group introduced "current Movement Ground and his consequences" and "the Profile of the position of the Ground in relation to Słońca (crisis and equinoctial)"in detail.
They working over the subject in this moment: "the Pores of the year and change in the nature". They already worked out the autumn and winter.
They introduced all works in the figure of multimedia introductions to partners.

The man of letter group worked out first part of the album "Four pores of the year in the native literature".



11 December 2008

The present-day day was for us very hard-working.
Several hours lasted the packing of the gifts which we prepared for our partners.
I will impale mums, that post office will not disappoint us and presents will reach to our friends before Christmas.

Today we also executed the recapitulation first month of our work in eTwinning.
We presented on the school bulletin given statistical (relating among others to our commitment in the realization of the project).
We moreover presented our partners from various countries. Our teachers and colleagues could see our friends photos from Greece, Spain, the Italy and Romanians.




14 December 2008

I executed today next analyses and worked out statistics.
I am not too satisfied.
My students get involved in the realization of the project, but yet not all alike.
They visit the forum seldom. All executed the introduction about oneself and their interests. It linked several they stood the contact the e-mail. They are however such, which do not write yet the e-mail.
My students already published first tasks. Marceline and Marzena work deserves on the distinction.
I know that partners weak activity is one of causes, but this does not excuse them.
Tomorrow we will talk. Who does not want to work, he has to resign from the project.
You, which they want to realize the project, they have more solidly and systematically to begin to work.

I do not know, what we will do something about partners. I know however that you should mutually mobilize.