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Year and traditions.

Exhibition of various traditions connected with the times of the year in the connection with astronomical and natural knowledge. We could also create plastic and musical albums connected with the subject.


Xmas Boxes

Posted by: María Fernández de Amo

We received our partner's box from Poland, full of delicate xmas ornamentations and crafts with a Christian flavour.

In Spain we have also been busy with the preparations of our Xmas boxes for Poland, Italy and Romania; in the end, our boxes have a Xmas flavour with a typical Spanish touch; students have put inside: castanets, marzipan and traditional Spanish sweets (turron), Carols CD, a tambourine and some drawings and explanations of a "zambomba".

As far as the project schedule is concerned, we are delayed because in our rural area most students do not have internet access home, so most work is left to be done at school, where computers are limited too; this fact is leading to some students' demotivation, above all on the Polish side, where students and teacher alike are working hard and pushing the rest to continue at the same pace.