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Year and traditions.

Exhibition of various traditions connected with the times of the year in the connection with astronomical and natural knowledge. We could also create plastic and musical albums connected with the subject.



Posted by: Stanisława Balonek



Profile of the position of the Ground in relation to Sun (crisis and equinoctial).

They made also characteristics of individual seasons carrying multimedia presentations out and using brief films.



They drew up also two themes associated with traditions:

  • Polish tradition - part I: The Autumn

  • Polish traditions-part II: The Winter

Here much connected information was with traditions of the Christmas, both with the ones former, as well as lasting to today. 

They gathered the also first information about literary works, in whom the speech about seasons and musical pieces are (published musical files in the shared folder).

In the interesting form they published also proverbs associated with the autumn.


Here only fragments of tasks performed by students. The whole of works was published in the shared folder. At present students are preparing to organize wieczornicy under the title "God being born in countries of our partners". They already a lot gathered information. They are drawing them up in the interesting form. An information will exploit partners and sent through some gifts. On wieczornicę will invite all friends from the secondary school, teachers and parents. It will certainly be an interesting meeting.

21 January 2009

At our school we are carrying three projects out in eTwinning frameworks of the programme. From the initiative of the group carrying out a project "Year and traditions" were organised meeting with parents under the title "God giving birth in countries to our partners". For preparing the meeting we used the information put by our partners on TwinSpace. We supplemented them using various sources. Gathered materials let us prepare the rich multimedia presentation.

It preceded preparations for the meeting of baking the cake of the Italian PANETTONE cake, of Greek MELOMAKARONA cookies and preparing Spanish TRUFFLES. Meetings took care of the Culinary side Anna K., Marzena S. and the K Victory.

Anna K. is making pastry.

Marzena is rolling out.

It is absolutely necessary to mark the cross.

Anna is decorating cookies.

They look appetizing.

Panettone also already ready.


The participants of the project took care about the pretty interior decorations of the class. All presents which reached to our school in packages from our partners were accumulated at the exhibition.

The last preparations

Holiday mood


Parents with huge interest they listened to the story and they watched the prepared multimedia presentation. (One of slides of the presentation). 

Extremely gifts from our partners were attractive supplementing the prepared presentation by pupils.

Monika is presenting sweets whom Spaniards sent to us.

Boat - Greek symbol of the Christmas - was a quite big surprise to the assembled company.


Nicely Christmas carolling sounded with accompaniment triangiel. Everyone sang her together.

Participants of the meeting could also get to know Italian and Romanian customs.


After watching the presentation and the prepared exhibition a time for the tasting of titbits whom we received from partners came and prepared by our students.

It was a nicely spent time. We enthused about fine Spanish and Greek carol singing. Together we sang Polish Christmas carols.