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Year and traditions.

Exhibition of various traditions connected with the times of the year in the connection with astronomical and natural knowledge. We could also create plastic and musical albums connected with the subject.


February - Poland

Posted by: Stanisława Balonek

The month is the time of the winter break at the Polish school the February. And the the main cause of the students smaller activity. Next tasks however were executed not less.
Ania and Wiktoria worked out next Polish traditions, connected with carnival and spring.

Wiktoria also executed the introduction on the subject of the spring as the pores of the year.

The students made the illustrations the entitled pores of the year

 and they began the works over the preparation of the calendar. 


Chat Proposal

Posted by: María Fernández de Amo

Let us propose a chat to meet and discuss online some things about the project.

Include in the forum your preferences of day and time.



The date is january 10 at 19:00. Hope to see you all there



Posted by: Stanisława Balonek



Profile of the position of the Ground in relation to Sun (crisis and equinoctial).

They made also characteristics of individual seasons carrying multimedia presentations out and using brief films.



They drew up also two themes associated with traditions:

  • Polish tradition - part I: The Autumn

  • Polish traditions-part II: The Winter

Here much connected information was with...