Traditions, habits, customs and culture in Europe

The aim of this project is knowledge of traditions, beliefs, legends in Europe. Students will present the most interesting moments of national history, and they will be able to communicate via the Internet, the chat. He will increase knowledge of English. Will be able to present elements of the culture of the country of origin.


Merry Christmas

Posted by: Katarzyna Lipska

To those we love and see each day

and other loved ones far away

To all good friends who mean so much,

and those with whom we're are of touch...

Merry Christmas and best wishes for a happy New Year.





Santa Claus

Posted by: Katarzyna Lipska

The real Santa Claus was a roman-catholic bishop.
He was born around year 270 at the territory
of present Turkey as an only child in a wealthy
family. From the early age he was very devout and he was eager
to help the poor and the homeless.
After his parents' death, he devoted his property to the poor.
In a very discreet way he was giving the presents. He was
doing it in such a way, that nobody knew who put them in front
of the...