Art inspired by mathematics

The goal of this project is to stady connections between mathematics and art and architecture.We would like to show how mathematics is not just about formulas and logic, but about patterns, symmetry, structure, shape and beauty. We will study topics like Painting, Pyramids, The Golden Ratio,The Platonic Solids and Polyhedra, Perspective, Kaleidoscopes, Symmetry, Patterns and Tilings, Mazes and Labyrinths, music and ect After taking this project our students/pupils will look at the world with new eyes and notice mathematical structures around them.


Bead works ( bracelets) are a wonderful source of mathematics.

Posted by: Jolanta Grzywnowicz


To demonstrate how math and art are integrated through the use of an on-line program, to assess if the use of technology can aid in student learning,I encourage Polish and Romanian students to use interesting software “Virtual Bead Loom”

This software will allow you to simulate traditional loom designs, and create new virtual designs of your own. Have a fun !

 Two examples with bracelets made using software "Virtual Bead Loom"