different voices for an only chorus

The project aims to make a common European Anthem on a musical sharing base that can express messages of integration in different languages.


My school Nr 12 Buzau

Posted by: Gina Posirca

School No12 is situated in Buzautown. It’s a public school, and here learn 800 students between 6 and 14 yearsold. They are learning foreign languages even from the first class: French,English and German.

There aretwo levels: primary school and secondary school.

At theprimary school, each class has a primary school teacher, a teacher of Englishor other foreign language, a sport teacher, and a

The primaryschool teacher teaches Romanian, Maths, Science and Art. Students in primaryschool have lessons at school 4-5 hours a day, and they do their homework onlyat home.

Thesecondary school has students between 10/11years old and 14/15years old. Theyhave different teachers for different subjects. Also they learn 6/7 hours aday( in the afternoon) and do their homework exclusively at home.

The school has lots of facilities: a modern ITCabinet, a Gymnasium, Physics Laboratory, Chemistry Laboratory,