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A star in my pocket

• Project begins with partners exchanging a character of some description around the theme of project title “With a Star in my Pocket” linking to the stars on the European Union Flag, e.g. a teddy bear, doll, etc, which has a link to stars, like a star badge, clothes etc and a link to country of partner, again badge, clothing etc. They should have a little introduction and a passport. • As characters will be sent to other project partners they need to be relatively small and inexpensive. • Characters will feature in various pictures etc., throughout the project then go home again at the end of the year. • Presentations of children’s experiences will be shared each month on suggested topics to follow the nursery year, but partners may prefer other topics to follow their children’s current interests. • Small weekly presentations of toys experiences on weekend visit home with a child. • As the project develops and children show interest in partner children, a simple online picture dictionary could be developed.