Children Story Performance

The project will last from September to May. For the first term each school will film a brief play of a story in English language and the script. This will be sent to the second school which, on the second term, will make the story cards of the received story in black and white, without colour on it. So, the drawings will be scanned and sent to the next school together with the recording previously received. At this point, pupils from the third school will colour the pictures and maybe write the dialogues or speech bubbles, scanning them back to the fourth school. This one will record the dialogues and make a Power Point (or video) of the story, showing the story cards and the audios. At the end, each school will receive the story they played together with the power point of the story. So every school will participate on every story. All the stories will be uploaded on the third term to the internet as a Story Book.




Dear friends,

First of all I wish you A Happy New Year!, full of joy and happynes.

Our kids are so happy to be a part at our  project activities and  some of them asked me if they can talk with kids from your schools.My ideea is to make a exchange of e-mail adresses. What do you think about it