Measuring the circumference of the Earth

2200 years ago, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth by comparing two shadows.

Eratosthenes،منذ 2200 عاما
.حساب محيط الارض من بمقارنه اثنين الظلال

Il y a 2200 ans, Eratosthenes a calculé la circonférence de la terre en comparant deux ombres.

окружность земли путем сравнивать 2 тени.

2200 anni fa, Eratosthenes ha calcolato la circonferenza della terra comparando due ombre.


Hace 2200 años, Eratosthenes calculó la circunferencia de la Tierra comparando a dos sombras.


Há 2200 anos, Eratosthenes calculou a circunferência da Terra comparando duas sombras.

2200 년 전에, Eratosthenes는 2개의 그림자를 비교해서 지구의 경계선을 산출했다.

2200 jaar geleden heeft Eratosthenes de omtrek van de Aarde berekend door twee schaduwen te vergelijken.

2200 έτη πριν, Eratosthenes υπολόγισε την περιφέρεια της γης με τη σύγκριση δύο σκιών

Vor 2200 Jahren, Eratosthenes hat den Umfang der Erde gerechnet, indem es zwei Schatten verglichen hat.


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Posted by: Lucia Dorina Gutu

I don’t know very well, theoretical speaking , what is Centra (it’s not my job),but I can tell you that I fell what is Centra and its practical application, based on the experience that I have at the first Centra meetings in my life.
How emotional and interesting can be,not reasoning, but only arousing or showing
emotion.A technic that gather us ,to discuss together,in a direct way,the agenda.
How many question marks I have before a centra meeting,-if I cannot answer quickly,
and that it will be seen, about what I can talk, if I am not clear enough...