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2200 years ago, Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the Earth by comparing two shadows.
Il y a 2200 ans, Eratosthenes a calculé la circonférence de la terre en comparant deux ombres.
2200 años atrás, Eratóstenes calculó la circunferencia de la Tierra mediante la comparación de dos sombras.
2200 de ani în urmă, Eratosthenes calculează circumferinţa de Pamant prin compararea a două umbre.
2200 sena ilu, Eratosthenes ikkalkula c-cirkonferenza (id-dawra) tad-Dinja billi qabbel zewg dellijiet ma’ xulxin.


Why a Project ETWINNING

Posted by: Lucia Dorina Gutu

Lucia Gutu ’s editorial : WHY A PROJECT



What is the most important in this project is how such a great and ancient idea can gather together, in XXI century, so many kids and youngs of different ages, cultures, native languages,places,coordonates, different hour time on our planet.

I don’t want to write now about the scientific part of the project (maybe anotherday), but about, the whole world of a such important, experimental and scientific project, the world beyond dates and words.

We completes a lot of tables with pedagogical values of projects,...