European Citizens-Cittadini del mondo-Cetateni prin proiecte

This is the Twinspace of a training course for about 35 teachers from Italy and Romania. We aim at working on how to use eTwinning in class in various subjects.


Italian course's teachers on line

Posted by: Maddalena Della Casa

Italian course is going to the end!

On 2nd December coursists went on line,on eTwinning, to have the first look at the site and the project ;they wrote on Forum news about themselves and the subjects they teach.This way they used their acquired abilities for a real comunicative purpose, that's the aim of the present project.

The 5th December they will have the last test for English abilities;thenĀ  they will send a project by their own to twinned Romanian school.

This should be the first step to start working on eTwinning with their pupils,on every item they like or it is nearer to...