Only ordinary water

Water is basic condition for life on Earth, but what is water actually and why is it so important for life on Earth? Where do the water in our homes come from, where does the toilet water goes, how much water do you spend per day, where does water goes when you boil water, how much water does a seed need to grow, how much does it rain, which animals lives in the water near you school, how do other countries in developing countries use water...these and many other questions are we trying to answer in our schools during spring 2008. The students are going to write stories, find out facts, work in group and individual, make water experiments, examine water near the schools, visiting water tower, sewage treatment works. The students are going to work with Word, webcams, camera, Moviemaker, art and music. You can follow the projects in Kungshögsskolans website. Only ordinary water - is an eTwinningproject involving all subjects in scool, but we are going to work much with science and math. About ten classes in the two schools are going to join the project and the students are 6 – 12 years old.



Posted by: Laima Vidauskiene
In September our eTwinning team
(the students of the 7th and 8th forms) went on
a research expedition to the Lietava stream. The historians say, the title Lietava is connected with the name of Lithuania.
Our eTwinning team was divided into several groups such as historians, mathematicians, biologists, chemists, journalists and artists. Each group made a research work and the final result is the film "The Green Land of Lietava".