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Easter Activities

In this project “Easter Activities” participate 270 partners from 22 European countries: Romania, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Great Britain, Greece, Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Malta, Slovakia, Croatia, Estonia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Bulgaria. We decided to gather together in order to share the holy spirit of Easter - one of the most important Christian festivals. In our project we show you where is our school on the map of Europe and our country; how we celebrate Easter in our country; different Easter Crafts: Easter Eggs; Easter Cards, Easter Candles, Easter baskets, etc. Our kids sing Easter songs and write Easter poems for you. You are welcome to visit our common blog of the project: Main aims of the project: to talk with children about importance of this Christian festival and introduce them European traditions in celebrating this festival; to write poems in order to give students the opportunity to practice their English and improve their language skills; to make Easter crafts and to use different technics; to show students that we are part of one European community and to find new friends; to increase students’ motivation for studying English and give them real opportunity to communicate; to use Internet and modern technologies in teaching English and to cooperate with European partners in eTwinning – our community for schools in Europe. If you are interested in this project, please contact me. My e-mail


Easter in Poland

Posted by: Malgorzata Janiak
 Here are some pictures which present the final products of art activities of children in Primary School in Lubicz Górny in Poland.