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The Harmony of Nature - Dedicated the European Year of Citizens- 2013

Cross-curricular educational project meant to help children to use foreign languages, to help them in developing research skills,to set them in the position of giving accurate observations optained by scientific and artistic ways, also by using ITC and by all means to increase their feelings for nature and to make both children and teachers aware about the need of preserving our environment.



Posted by: Irina Basalyga
Hello, collegue, we have just come across this project, basically accidentally, but we've liked it a lot. Would it be possible to join the project? So, I am Irina Basalyga, a teacher of English in Klaipeda School of Dressmaking and Social Services, that is a vocational college, where students complete high - school general education and get a profession, and would like to ask: could we join the activities in any possible way? Our students are of 17 - 20 years old. Best regards, irina, Klaip4da, Lithuania.

Bonjour. Nous venons d'apprendre sur votre projet accidentalement. Nous voudrions participer dans ce projet si c'etait possible. je suis Reda Pogoželskienė, le professeur de biologie a l' ecole professionelle de couture et de services sociales. Dans notre ecole les eleves ont la possobilite de recevoir l'education secondaire et la profession. Nous voudrions vous demander: est-ce que nous pouvons  prendre part dans ce projet? Nos eleves sont 17 - 20 ans. Avec meilleurs regards, Reda, Klaipėda. Lithuania.