Christmas Bethlehem

We are going to create a christmas betlehem. We are going to paint it with ink and watercolors. Contours by ink and colour in by watercolous. The size of one each charakter will be around 10 cm. Then we will scan pictures to the computer and send it to other class. Every class will build all the Bethlehem (including chracters from other country) and make a video with Bethlehem and singing a carol (in mother tongue).


Informations about project

Posted by: Martina Nebeska

Informations abou project

If you will have some problems write me :)

Slovak school: Jesus with parents. 

First Czech school (Miss Jana Veselá): The Three Kings.

Second Czech school:(Miss Nebeská): The Comet and sheperds with sheep.

Portugal school: People who bring a presents for little Jesus.


Remember :) everybody can paint people who bring a presents or sheperds with sheep or the other things (threes, animals, stones,...) we want to create big bethlehem. 


Deadline for upload characters to the Twinspace: 16th  December

Deadline for upload video to the Twinspace: 21th December

Have a nice time Martina :)