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Van, You are not Alone!

There has been an earthquake in the south eastern Turkish province of Van, killing at least 650 people and leaving more than 2000 injured. Survivors of the earthquake are now struggling against a number of problems such as cold weather, lack of enough food and clean water, insufficient number of shelter tents etc. Schools have been temporarily closed but the education process is planned to be restarted in the beginning of December. By showing them that there are people who care about them, it could be possible to strengthen their will of resisting against the problems still continuing in their home-town. Writing letters and recording videos expressing the support and awareness of other pupils will be of vital importance for the teachers and students in Van.


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Posted by: Danuta Bartkowiak-Siekańska

our school...

Primary school 84

ul. Św. Szczepana 3

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Szkoła Podstawowa nr 84

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