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"Faster, Higher, Stronger"

The name of the project is the motto of the Olympic Games. Children will learn more about the idea and the message of the Olympic Games. Children will get to know the new types of sports and games, traditional and special ones . They will do sports and various activities, they will make their own "Olympic diary" to keep evidence of their results, their feelings, achievements…they will try to get better performance every month - it is not important to be the winner, important is to try their best ...


Czech-Slovak videoconference

Posted by: Petra Plíhalová
On 22nd May we had the great opportunity to talk to children from Slovakia. We had been preparing this event for more than month. It was so surprising to see the Slovak in one of the teacher‘s flat because they had difficulties with the connection at school. How marvelous!

 To warm-up we started with the song „Ten Little Indians“. After introducing ourselves we tried some sport disciplines to find out how good we are all together. We were doing knee-bends in pairs, throwing rings and hitting a ball with a table tennis racket. Finally we sang a song „Beskyde, Beskyde“, and...