The Key to my Neighbours’ Library: Multicultural Reading

This project proposes an approach on reading by sharing reading experiences, doing podcasts on selected stories, authors’ biographies and illustrations. Teamwork is the key to this collaborative project. Each pupil will be part of a multicultural team and they will share a common story which shall be selected randomly by a teacher. Schools must select common story books from their school libraries. Using a mind map they will outline the story main features. A survey will be applied at the beginning and at the end of the project to assess the results on the reading motivation.


Let's introduce ourselves!

Posted by: Diana Rossato
This morning, despite different time zones, Danish, French, Italian and Portuguese pupils and teachers succeeded in getting into contact. Pupils enjoyed meeting their new partners and some of them introduced themselves thank to Skype videochat!

Looking forward to our next videoconference

My best regards