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Reduce - Reuse - Recycling

Our project is aiming for partnership, training and cooperation between 9 schools of 9 countries. As a result of this we will have the opportunity to share many cultural traditions,learning basic structures of several languages and getting to know other countries educational systems. We will also be able to see the similarities and differences of our topic according to each country. Nowadays we are moving towards being a consumer society and it is time to realize how we can reduce waste in our lives. By reducing, reusing and recycling we can all be eco-warriors and save the future of our planet. The subject of recycling has been chosen, as global warming and personal carbon footprints are of worldwide concern and pupils need to be educated in order to help protect the planet for future generations. We must remember that we did not inherit this planet from our grandparents, we borrowed it from our grandchildren. We believe that great journeys always start by small steps. Alongside this the schools will endeavour to broaden the pupils awareness of different cultures and languages, learning to value these equally alongside their own, and thereby discourage forms of racism and xenophobia.


Sicily was great!

Posted by: Andrea Nass
Thanks again to our fantastic Italian organisation team Raffaella, Maria-Laura, Rita and all the other member of the staff. And thanks to all the generous host families who offered so much too our students. I know everything is already said on facebook, but I grab the opportunity to say it another time.