Photography- my hobby

Do you loike taking photos? I do! It’s a good way of saving your dearest memories about important moments in your life. As a teacher, I have recently discovered that my students share the same hobby, moreover some of them are really good at it. Almost all the educational projects have a photo section and there we upload pictures taken during our school activities. But taking photos is an art; one should learn some basic rules . A photo makes you smile, or get a certain attitude: anger, delight, amazement, pity etc. There are also so many feelings a photo may express: love, care, happiness, fun etc. Photograhpy is a means of education. It develops personal qualities sch as: observation, critisism, spontaneity, sense of art. It is also a good way of spending free time, to socialize. It’s not hard to take photos but it requires skills and learning process to know how to make the photo transmit the desired message. This project is for all the teachers and students who want to share their hobby of taking digital photos and to improve their skills.



Posted by: Theodorescu Daniela
We are so happy that we have received the Quality Label for our project! We also think the idea of this project is attractive for both teachers and students, as it's a beautiful and useful way to look around, to see what's going on, to send messages to other people by pictures. photography is an art and if we can develop some skills to our students it'll be great. We hope our partners apply for Quality Label too, and our project will receive a European one. Good luck!