Teach and learn: I teach you Italian, you teach me Spanish

Introduce themselves (name, age, family, physical description, likes and dislikes, hobbies) Talk about their class and school Talk about their hometown Talk about their countries (some pupils come from different countries) Each class prepares a sort of lesson on a topic to teach the partners. The topics will be agreed upon according to the curricula.


Lesson One and more

Posted by: Mariangela Bielli
PictureItalian students have prepared and uploaded the first lesson. They have enjoyed it a lot.

They have also prepared some presentations about  Christmas traditions and they are looking forward to  exchanging emails  with thei partners.


Ready to go

Posted by: Mariangela Bielli
PictureWe have started our activities with presentations of pupils and school.

All pupils have been registered now and they have been paired with  epals and they have already started exchanging emails.

They have also an active forum in the pupils corner but they have to get used to it!

The first lesson is already in the TS and now we are planning a Skype meeting.

The Italian pupils are enthusiastic and they are doing their best to for this project. 

The class Maths teacher has been registered - maybe we will find a way to...