Fly me to the Moon

Not only astronomers are interested by watching the Moon. This project will mix scientific observations or measurements and research of local traditions or beliefs. Theater plays, songs, poems, artistic photographs will also be imagined by pupils, inspired by the Moon like so many artists before them.Οι αστρονομοι δεν ειναι οι μονοι που ενδιαφερονται γαι το φεγγαρι.Αυτο το εργο θα συνδυασει επιστημονικες μετρησεις ή παρατηρησεις με ποιηματα, τραγουδια, παραδοσεις , δοξασιες ολα σχετικα με τη Σεληνη.Θεατρικά εργα, τραγουδια, ποιηματα, καλλιτεχνικες φωτογραφιες θα ταξιδεψουν τους μαθητες και θα τους εμπνευσουν, οπως εχει το φεγγαρι σε τοσους καλλιτεχνες στο παρελθον.


Eclipse of the Moon

Posted by: Eleni Kostopoulou
PictureToday about quarter past five in the evening we were gathered in the school yard to observe the eclipse of the Moon.
Once again the weather was not ... on our side, so we were not able to see the full moon rising up in the sky!
However , teachers and students had a great time talking and sharing knowledge about the full moon legends and customs. 

Moon observation on 3rd December

Posted by: Eleni Kostopoulou
PictureOn Friday 3rd, we (students from astronomy class, etwinners and teachers) gathered at school yard about 10 o clock at night to observe the moon.The waether forecast showed a clear sky. We were all excited to observe the moon, despite it was freezing cold.
 Students helped to set up the telescope. Teachers were there and some parents, as well.

But.........The Moon had other plans!
While We could see it up in the sky, it started falling , so we could not observe it , because there were trees around!
Nevertheless, we saw, through telescope, the great nebula of Orion and...