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Travel Broadens the mind

More and more tools and interesting Web 2.0 programs are being created and we use them in our projects. Everyone has his favourite ones, so let’s gather them in one place so more teachers and students could use them. A huge, safe and multilanguage website will arise. It will make communication, cooperation, creating and uploading way easier. We will use it in our projects, popularize it in our countries. Second of the establishments of the project is to show and popularize interesting places in Europe. We will exchange information about interesting places that we saw during holidays. That’s for the beginning. Later we will show places to see during weekends and places to child-friendly in Europe. The title of the project : "Travel Broadens the mind" concludes its aims. Traveling across Europe we will discover and show what's the most interesting and most beautiful in it. Gathered materials we will use to learn and exchange information about effective using Web 2.0 tools in education. Our project is one of 15 projects rated as Highly Commended in European competition MEDEA Awards 2012.



Posted by: Ivana Čepová
Private Primary Art School Múza and our school (Primary School Dargovských hrdinov) already 5-times involved in the activities launched by the League Against Cancer, which annually organizes a public collection. Students with their musical or artistic activities got attention to adults. They give money to help for cancer patients.

Also in this year's dominating symbol of the fight against cancer - daffodil. We created it of colored caps of PET bottles in the town center.
Before this activity, was collected about fifty 120 liter bags of caps from PET bottles. Eight primary schools involved there. Students collected lids red, orange, yellow, white, blue and green colour. Picture of daffodil  measured about 40x50 meters.
"We hope that our efforts have had a sense that we help those who need it."<br />

There are more photos: