Fish in the soup of European history

Just like the the Thames and the Danube flowed on the same continent, so can we be joined by common cultural factors and identities. Within this project we can reveal our ancient identical characters and can get connected in Europe stronger by sharing and living them together in collaborative workspaces.


Our fish group

Posted by: Mgr. Frederika Ferenczová
PictureWe were in village in Demandice. It was very interesting because we decided to study our small river. The name of the river is Búr and it´s full of plants and fishes. :)

Casting off the project

Posted by: Anonymous Anonymous

It was great to join forces with 4 exciting new people. The project is full of ideas and we are ready to get started in Sept. It has also given me the excuse to walk my dog down the beautiful Test Valley river bank on the look out for a place to conduct some field work. Such a hard life when the sun is shining in the UK and we have a week on holiday! ;)


The history of the project

Posted by: Rusu Stefania-Florentina

It all started at the contact seminar in Bratislava. From the first day of the workshop when I heard the ice breaking project idea exposed by Zoltan and Attila. Probably because I like eating fish, maybe because I liked the idea for its simplicity, at dinner, I said two colleagues in Hungary that would like to cooperate with them.They were delighted with the impact of the project idea and Saturday morning, before the end of the seminar, I completed the application form, on his knees in the lobby. I was five partners, one from each participating country: Zoltan, Stefania(me), Sarah,...