This educational project proposes the integrated approach of the curricular contents specific to preschool, primary and secondary school education courses, through learning activities on Easter’s theme. The collaboration with other teachers and children, between European schools and kindergartens, aims to turn to account particularities of the specific culture tied by Easter’s customs and traditions in their countries; to carry on interactive learning activities; to develop creativity, cooperation skills, entrepreneurial competences. PROPOSED ACTIVITIES: 1. “Easter Bunny and the children’ stories”- this activity invites children to create short stories in which the main characters are they and the Easter Bunny; they will be encouraged to illustrate their stories through paintings and drawings; 2. “The Egg and Science”- the children will have the opportunity to make simple experiments to observe characteristics of foodstuff; 3. “Easter Costumes and Traditions in My Country”- the children will describe specific Easter Costumes and Traditions in their country; 4. “Waiting for Easter Bunny”- practical activity in which the children will realize Easter ornaments, using different technics and materials; the involvement of the children in organizing and conducting a volunteer activity.


short stories of Easter Bunny

Posted by: Joanna Kulikowska-Jopich

 children to create short stories in which the main characters are they and the Easter Bunny