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The wheel is one of the most important invention in the history of mankind. All the machines, communication modes and just about every other invention has been possible only because of the wheel. There are a lot of things around us related to circles or parts of a circles. In this project we will use the principles of circle to make our life easier. During the project students will find out the history of wheel, discover the relationship between the circumference and diameter of a circle and history of pi, solve different geometrical problems related to circle and prepare circular patterns. Students will widen their knowledge and Maths abilities by solving different problems, puzzles, improve their skills in using ICT tools and English language. With this project, teachers can exchange their experience in teaching Maths and using ICT in teaching Maths. We are going to use a common wiki website/blog to cooperate as well as geogebra, HotPotatoes and some new tools of technology web.2.0 like glogster, prezi, voki ect.


Circles/Wheel mind mappinag

Posted by: MaƂgorzata Garkowska

Here you can see what my students have prepared: LINK

Today we also have finished our presentation about history of a wheel.