Elmo's trip around the Europe

A mascot - Elmo (from Sesame Street) is going to be send to 6 European schools, from one to another. Pupils will take photos and make notes to describe Elmo's visit in their town and school, they will give Elmo useful small gift for his trip (Elmo will have a backpack with pendrive - for pictures, notepad for making notes and a map whith his travel destination points marked). When Elmo will be back home a Power Point presentation will be done to show his fantastic trip.


Elmo´s leaving Spain tomorrow

Posted by: Ana Mª Pérez

Yes!! and it is very sad.

The children are just thrilled with Elmo and they are very sorry to let him go... but they also want me to tell you that they liked the photos and presentations and they hope our European friends continue meeting and communicating in whatever way is posible.