Lessons & Life

The partner schools will make an exchange of experience,a parallel between the contents of some school subjects and their application in the every day life. The activities will be organised on school subjects, every teacher/educator(primary school teacher) will present the contents of the chosen school subjects and their importance in the shaping of some abilities and competencies. In this way it will be carried out a co-operation on the idea of “good practices” particular to the school subjects.Se va realiza astfel o colaborare pe ideea „bunelor practici” specifice obiectelor de studiu. It will be seen how different schools work in different parts of Europe,in different surroundings, in the urban and rural areas. After all the teachers help the pupils to decode all the collected informations and to perceive the differences and similarities between methods,styles of learning, school. The pupils will get to know their own values and will respect the work and the results of the partners from other countries.



Posted by: Tunde Laudat

Students get involved with more energy and pleasure from the activities. Increasingly more students want to contribute and participate, which makes us very happy.