Let's eat!

We want to get to know the food culture of the the participating countries: typical products, national dishes, national desserts, national drinks, places to buy food, cities and their typical dishes...


about logo

Posted by: Ecaterina Mladinovici

I like logo is super! I hope the material that we post are good !

we wish you Merry Christmas and  A Happy New Year,  because the hollydays are caming.


Dimitrie Leonida College

Posted by: Ecaterina Mladinovici

we made a presentation and we post that presentation on the site. please  watch TwinSpace.

Technical College "Dimitrie Leonida" Bucharest is an educational institution that provides young people from Bucharest and do training in technical and vocational aims autonomous and creative personality of students, ensuring a high quality education based on knowledge of general education and training professional skills that enable students to pursue a profession in their area of training, further education in higher...


December: making a short presentation

Posted by: Lize Remels

This month each project partner makes a short presentation about their school.

  --gt; Where is your school
  --gt; What sort of school is it?
  --gt; What subjects are taught?
  --gt; Is there something special at your school?
  --gt; Give a short presentation of the pupils in this project

The presentations are posted on the twinspace in the project activity folder "school presentations".