Let's eat!

We want to get to know the food culture of the the participating countries: typical products, national dishes, national desserts, national drinks, places to buy food, cities and their typical dishes...


about this project!

Posted by: Ecaterina Mladinovici

we are Romania and we whant you to knou that we love this project and being with you was a very nice experience. we put some pictures about our student making some recipies in a program for learning about this stuf, because we are a tehnical college. we hope you were enjoi it to.


January-February: food document

Posted by: Lize Remels

December has passed. All the presentations about the schools are almost finished. Put them in the correct folder (presentations) on the twinspace.

From January till February we will be working on the docuement about food (information about food in your country, typical products, national dishes, national desserts, national drinks, buying food (places to buy food), cities and their typical dishes or desserts, some typical national recipes with pictures). You can use the empty document that you can find in the teacher corner on the twinspace. Put the finisehd document in the correct folder on the twinspace before the beginning of March.


about logo

Posted by: Ecaterina Mladinovici

I like logo is super! I hope the material that we post are good !

we wish you Merry Christmas and  A Happy New Year,  because the hollydays are caming.