"PROUD OF OUR CLASS, our school, our country! WE STARTED TO BUILD! "

http://new-twinspace.etwinning.net/web/p42096 Our goal is to achieve a bridge between our students and those of partner countries to develop interest in different European cultures and traditions and to explore various career opportunities in Europe.


Project description on phases

Posted by: Camelia Radulescu

Hello partners!

This is our project's description with phases, stages and activities.

Phase 1 "Let us know and we are proud of them!"
To achieve this it is necessary to build a database by assigning a group of students, which will make a research that will collect data from colleges of the highschool for those of us who have obtained diplomas and medals in competitions, extracurricular competitions, both nationally and internationally.
Simultaneously, it will consider drawing up a dossier and diplomas and photos (preferably color) of students with outstanding performance, which will be exhibited in a specially designed bulletin board titled: "Let us know and we are proud of them! "placed in an area visible from inside the school, decided in agreement with its management.

Deadline: December 15, 2010
and permanently, until project completion.


Phase 2 "Mini - Studio – TV

In this mini-TV studio will post on the site so as footage and photos of cultural, artistic and educational events to be carried out under this project. To achieve these two objectives will form two teams:
a. Director-Film - the footage of the event - two students

b. Photography - unique moments for photos, quotes, funny - from the events - two students
Another student, who will be part of both teams will be responsible for sending materials to the site administrator.
In both cases, five students decide what deserves to be posted footage on the site, and they are the finest pictures to be posted.

TERM: To be fixed in consultation with "technical" team responsible for mini-TV studio, after eating the first event but not later than 30 days after its occurrence.