Festivals and Rites

Travelling has always been one of the most popular and exciting way of relaxing. Among many factors, which make people tour the world, is the desire of learning more about history and culture of visited country. Today’s world provides travellers with a huge range of guide books, which help them to prepare themselves to their voyages. However, familiarizing with customs, habits, rituals or rites is rather difficult as only locals are able to describe, explain and show the right ways foreigners should behave and experience them while visiting a foreign country. “Festivals and Rites” project will give students the chance to find out more about Polish and Spanish chosen festivities as well as distinguish the differences in typical festivals celebrated in both countries like Christmas. Students will prepare PowerPoint presentations presenting chosen celebrations (at least four) typical for their countries as well as one that is celebrated in both of them (Christmas). Each presentation will consist of a short description of the origin, date and the way the festivity is celebrated.


Christmas quiz

Posted by: Alicja Giwojno

Polish students prepared the quiz about Christmas. The aim is to answer a few questions related to it. The questions don’t ask about the particular knowledge of Christmas but how we  perceive it as well as about dreams and wishes connected to it.