Education for tolerance

Our main objective is to look for the common European legacy, promote and consolidate tolerance. We would like to teach students tolerance through recognizing the cultural and religious diversity of nations. We want our students to know that our culture has had various inspirations and that the people around us come from different traditions. We believe that the only way to avoid seeing those who are different as strangers is to meet and learn about them. We would like to make our students aware that "being different" is a two-way relationship, we too are "different" to someone else. We want our students to notice, understand and respect these differences. We plan to: - exchange materials among schools from different cultures, - actively discovering the contemporary multicultural world by students, - identifying examples of intolerance in social and school life.



Posted by: Ilona Sediene

Dear Friends!

Congratulations on the International Teachers'Day! Wishing all coordinators/teachers joyfull experiences through project activities and intercultural communication.