The Voice of Teens

Introduction: Nowadays, many schools are newsletter or newspaper publishers… We, with this project, chose to continue our previous Comenius project “The Voice of teens”, and publish again our European multilingual magazine! Our students shall write new articles in their mother tongue and in English language too. This school magazine will be as a regular school newspaper in two versions (paper version and on-line edition) with texts in columns and other interactive features. So, we want to transfer the experience which we obtained to the younger students and to new colleagues in our schools. The new journey (edition) of our magazine “THE VOICE OF TEENS” will last 1-2 years. Guidelines: We had focused on some common problems of our students: • Poor expressive ability in their own mother tongue • Difficulties in writing and reading in English language • Lack of mutual knowledge. We consider that the common work, by writing an internet and paper magazine, will bring the students very close and help them to pass over the above problems. Students will become more responsible and will understand that it is possible to work together. The distance and sometimes the different reality are not the basic obstacle. It’s nice to make efforts to remove the barriers.


New Issue in 2012

Posted by: Katerina FYSSAKI
PictureWe are preparing our new (8th) issue.
It will be ready in April 2012
Maristella is the teacher in charge.
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