2011, International Year of Forests

Motivated by 2011's celebrations we want to give our pupils the chance to know European Forests through frienship and digital means. Our main goal is help to build an environmental conscience in our pupils.


Our mountain excursion...

Posted by: Nodas Kodopoulos

Hallo everybody,

photos from our visit to mount Mainalo are now up on our blog, we hope we gave you an idea of how our forest looks like at the beginning of winter. Seasons greetings to everybody!...Comments are always welcome...


Facebook group

Posted by: Maria Aida Lopes de Almeida Teixeira e Melo

Hello everyone!

As you can see by visiting the place at http://www.facebook.com/?composeamp;sk=messages#!/home.php?sk=group_163418557030652amp;ap=1  our "IYForests fellow group" is being a success!

As someone posted there - we wanted our pulis to interact using foreign languages… and here they are!

So we had not only a nice start as our goals are being achieved!

I join a photo of a strange pinetree shape.


Maltese students

Posted by: Josephine Ebejer Grech

My Maltese students are preparing their presentation about Buskett - our forest in Malta.  Some will prepare a power point presentation, some a poster, and some a chart.  When they are ready I will upload them.