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At a time when grim news inundates us, we decide to become seekers of good news. The news that give hope and strength to continue to have a new vision. Europe may have a common vision, common hopes and expectations. Developing skills οf communication and self information using the school television channel. The School into the European Society Life Skills Development ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A l'heure où de nouvelles sombres nous inondent, nous décidons de devenir des demandeurs de bonnes nouvelles. Les nouvelles qui donnent de l'espoir et la force de continuer à avoir une vision nouvelle. L'Europe peut avoir une vision commune, des espoirs communs et des attentes. Développer les compétences de communication et d’information utilisant la chaîne scolaire. L'école dans la Société européenne Développement des compétences de vie. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Σε μια εποχή που οι δυσοίωνες ειδήσεις μας κατακλύζουν, αποφασίζουμε να γίνουμε αναζητητές της καλής είδησης. Της είδησης που δίνει ελπίδα και δύναμη να συνεχίσουμε ως νέοι να έχουμε όραμα. Η Ευρώπη μπορεί να έχει κοινό όραμα κοινές ελπίδες και προσμονές. Ανάπτυξη δεξιοτήτων αυτό-πληροφόρησης και επικοινωνίας κάνοντας χρήση του σχολικού τηλεοπτικού καναλιού. Το Σχολείο στην Ευρωπαϊκή Κοινωνία Ανάπτυξη Δεξιοτήτων Ζωής -----------------------------------------------------------------------------


La boucle est bouclée...

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou

It has been a long time since I' ve written for the first time.. Today, the 17th November, a circle closes, another opens.. But to re-organize another project, that means that the first Twin experience was valuable and unforgetable.

The Twin-trip continues...
The Twin - story is written every day by all the Twin Community!
I am glad to be a small part of it.


6th National e-twinning Competition - First Prize :-)

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou
Today 09 December 2011 we were awarded from NSS Greece and the Greek Ministry of Education! It was nice to be surrounded by other twinners, with wonderful projects and the same creatif spirit. One of the best moments was when our channel was on air LIVE, so we could see our pupils from the island talking to us and sharing their happiness! I d like to thank Ioulia Ghika - twin Greek ambassador, she has a magic way to inspire and being helpful, my twin partners for trying always, many thanks to Yucel Tuzun (Turkey) for being so responsible and...

National Award

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou

We are happy to announce you that Euro - Good News will be awarded on Friday the 9th December by the NSS Greece and the Ministry of Education!

Well done twinners and friends!!


Εuropean Quality Label!

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou
Today our NSS inform us that we have been awarded with the European Quality Label!
Well done twinners!

Second "Euro-Good" News Bulletin is a reality!

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou

After school difficult circomstances (equipment destroyed)..

and as pupils had more test to pass...

we manage to make and upload the second Euro-Good News Bulletin.


Watch it from the beggining till the end!


15 days twin relax....

Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou

For 15 days... we are on Easter Vacations....

Wish everybody the best...

Soon on your screen!



Posted by: Christina Drakopoulou

from Greece.. went in Athens...

Twinners from Holland in Rome...


We travel in real...

we travel by our minds.. and via internet...

so as...

Turkey and Italy.... Greece and Holland

prepare the second euro-good news bulletin...


We need more time..

On April... stay tuned!