A Taste of Maths (ATOM)

The project targets 12-16 years old students. The working language is English. The duration of the project is six months. The goal of the project is to increase students’ motivation and interest for Mathematics, to stimulate their investigative spirit and curiosity by combining common mathematical contents of the curriculum with aspects of day-to-day life in different parts of Europe, using concrete objects as well as representations of mathematical concepts. It is also intended to facilitate mutual understanding through getting knowledge on the historical and cultural contexts partners live in.


Maths and Arts

Posted by: Irina Vasilescu

Maths and Arts has been one of the project’s most interesting and at the same time most motivating actvities in our project so far, as anyone can see from its 20 blog posts to this day.

It started more like a game. On one hand, after finding some connections between Maths and poetry or tales, the teams agreed it could be fun to try to create Fibonacci poems. Bread, a common food as well as a cultural symbot, seemed a good topic that would allow us to learn more about each others’ culture and acknowledge our similarities. Once we started, it seemed our students enjoyed it so much they would not stop after just one poem, so soon we will have a whole e-book with our Fibonacci poems. It will be a nice and unexpected project outcome.

But Math’s influences can be found in other arts too. We became more and more curious and found its ideas in paintings, decoded their secret Geometry and shared riddles and answers about them, in drawings, architecture, even in music.


As we plan to move on to the other steps of the project, we decided to keep inquiring and sharing our findings on this fascinating topic.