A Taste of Maths (ATOM)

The project targets 12-16 years old students. The working language is English. The duration of the project is six months. The goal of the project is to increase students’ motivation and interest for Mathematics, to stimulate their investigative spirit and curiosity by combining common mathematical contents of the curriculum with aspects of day-to-day life in different parts of Europe, using concrete objects as well as representations of mathematical concepts. It is also intended to facilitate mutual understanding through getting knowledge on the historical and cultural contexts partners live in.


Calleja's Tales

Posted by: Valentina Cuadrado Marcos

One of our most famous tale writer was Calleja, in fact there is a saying in Spanish: "Tener más cuento que Calleja" used when somebody pretends something that is not true. Cuento is tale.

For the section Cultural Flavours we chose him. We went through his bibliography and we came across The Queen's Fritters. The idea was for students to write an English version and then to go deeper into Spanish literature for children. Some of the students chose Gloria Fuertes, another great Spanish writer, others educational tales or proverbs. It was not an easy task because both tales and proverbs have a lot of metaphors. But in the end, they wrote what you can in the TS. We hope you like it.