A Taste of Maths (ATOM)

The project targets 12-16 years old students. The working language is English. The duration of the project is six months. The goal of the project is to increase students’ motivation and interest for Mathematics, to stimulate their investigative spirit and curiosity by combining common mathematical contents of the curriculum with aspects of day-to-day life in different parts of Europe, using concrete objects as well as representations of mathematical concepts. It is also intended to facilitate mutual understanding through getting knowledge on the historical and cultural contexts partners live in.


Fibonacci bread poem

Posted by: Valentina Cuadrado Marcos

It took us three hours to write the short poem we have just published in the project blog, although I may have to change a little the look, because there are two lines that got split. But now, everybody knows, even me, what Fibonacci series are. Let me explain you how we did.

First, we had a brain-storming to gather ideas and we agreed on an order.

1.  Wheat in our fields: cereals are one of the main resources in Ávila.

2. Agriculture labours: most of them unknown by our students.

3. Baker's labour: an homage to silent hard work.

4. Aimed targets: everybody.

Second, we searched for vocabulary and we went through synonyms looking for poetic terms.

Third, we made a drawing with a Fibonacci structure to fill with our vocabulary.



Finally, we wrote it.


From my point of view, the idea and the results are good because it provides students with the possibility to join their Maths knowledge and the language. At the same time they can explore some aspects of their own culture: agriculture works, for example. 


Active participation in the brainstorming, cooperation in the vocabulary search and effort to find out a way to rhyme and translate the poem into Spanish were the criteria I followed to evaluate this task.