A Taste of Maths (ATOM)

The project targets 12-16 years old students. The working language is English. The duration of the project is six months. The goal of the project is to increase students’ motivation and interest for Mathematics, to stimulate their investigative spirit and curiosity by combining common mathematical contents of the curriculum with aspects of day-to-day life in different parts of Europe, using concrete objects as well as representations of mathematical concepts. It is also intended to facilitate mutual understanding through getting knowledge on the historical and cultural contexts partners live in.


how much how many quantity

Posted by: Valentina Cuadrado Marcos

Students worked on quantity expressions. We went to the Friday Flea Market in Ávila to take our own photos.

In addition we compared prices in supermarkets and in the flea market.

They started with VUVOX. They got information about how to upload, add texts, make changes in colours and other features the tool offers. The objective was to practice with a new ICT presentation tool.

At the same time they revised vocabulary, countable and uncountable nouns and quantity expressions.

Finally, they created their personal VUVOX during our two period workshop. The lessons were very interesting because they received the inspector's visit. He was evaluating work in the bilingual.

Students explained him what they were doing and the process followed to get the photos. They also showed him how to add texts and answered his questions about their level of satisfaction in the project. They agreed it was a better way to learn and know about other students.

To evaluate the works the following aspects have been taken into account:

a. questions and answers about quantity

b. relevance of visual support

c. artistic level

I have posted their works in the project blog and in the Moodle at school.