Become a Partner with my Film

OUR PROJECT: Become a Partner with my Film OUR AIM: With this project, our main goal is to share the films we made, with students from other cultures, to cooperate with them and to encourage them to become partners with our films. At the same time, we want to include in culture transfer, know other cultures and contribute to language development. While preparing for the lessons or repeating what they have learned, the students have great difficulty if they have inadequate vocabulary knowledge or when the situation to be explained is not clear. As a result, they cannot comprehend aforesaid subject. When they do not comprehend, hence, they do not want to do any preliminary work for the lesson. However, if there are films that provide opportunities to present and explain the events when they encounter such a situation, they can get ready more easily. Because films; • ease students’ comprehension as films provide students opportunities to see the explained information at the same time • increase students’ motivations –motivating individuals psychologically— • have positive effects on “keeping in mind”


We are searching for new partners

Posted by: Silvo Muršec

We are searching form new partners. We would be happy if somene from France or Hungary will join us!


Welcome to our team!

Posted by: Seval YILMAZ

I hope to have a good cooperation, which bring much joy to us and our students