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To experience education in a different country through global citizenship. We have swopped mascots - Scottish teddy/French cockrel. Mascots experience life in other country through use of digital camera/blog/e-mail. Both sets of children are making puzzles in own language for others to solve. Both groups are making storybooks on local history/geography. Experience each others culture through photography. Set up Skype and webcams for some face to face communication. Give a real purpose and meaning to learning a foreign language.


European Day of Languages

Posted by: Wilma Gordon

Our school had a celebration for the European Day of Languages. Staff and pupils dressed in blue, white and red. Primaries 1-3 sang some French songs and primaries 4-7 worked on French activities. We invited parents to see what was going on in the school. Over 200 parents came and enjoyed our bistro and internet café.